Geriatric Consulting Services

Staff Development Workshops and Training

For Facility Staff 

Our Personalities Styles and How They Affect Our Work

Working in long-term care requires staff to be able to work side by side, collaboratively. This workshop will help staff identify their personality styles and recognize how they impact their relationships with their clients and patients.

The Ethics of Caring 

This workshop designed to help staff have a clearer understanding of what it means to care, recognize the differences between "caring for" and "caring about" someone, and being more aware of the ethic involved with caring compassionately.


From "Surviving to Thriving" - Staff Wellness 

This workshop was designed to help staff who work with frail elders recognize while their work is stressful, they can not only just survive, but thrive! This workshop will help staff learn new ways to take care of their health so they will thrive in their jobs! 

Taking Care of Yourself as You Take Care of Others

Job stress is normal and inevitable when working in the human service fields. If staff members don’t take care of themselves they will become burned out and will numb out and become “dis-spirited." This workshop will provide a new perspective on why it is so important to take care of yourself. Participants will learn new ways to proactively take care of themselves so that they can provide more compassionate care to the elders with whom they care.

The Sensitive Topics of Abuse & Neglect

Fortunately abuse and neglect are much less prevalent than the news media makes them out to be. Yet when working with frail elders, there can be times when staff members can feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to handle the situations they are in. This workshop will help staff members learn how to recognize "red flags" that can compromise care and lead to neglect or abuse. Special focus will be on helping empower staff to be more proactive.

Understanding Resistance

When elders become more dependent and feel less in control,they are more prone to resistance. And truthfully, all people experience resistance at various times in their lives. This workshop will help participants recognize some of the emotional reasons elders maybe resistant to their help. Participants will learn new ways to help residents move past their resistance so they can be more at ease.

Intimacy Needs of Elders in Our Care

No matter how old people are, we all have a need for intimacy in our lives. This workshop will help staff understand elder’s intimacy needs.  Particular focus will be on cultural diversity and how to work with residents who have dementia.

Working Collaboratively

When working within senior communities, it is essential that staff work together with residents and their families. This workshop will provide participants with ways to work smarter and more effectively with one another. Workshop participants will gain a clearer understanding of some of the barriers that can get in the way of working together. Special focus will be on addressing how to resolve conflict and resistance so that all can have a more positive experience!

Understanding Families

Families have their own histories and ways they have related to each other all their lives. It is important for those who work with elders to honor and at least recognize those relationships. This workshop will offer staff a clearer understanding of the different family systems and how to best communicate and partner with them.

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