Frequently Asked Questions  

What should I ask when assessing an assisted living facility for my loved one?

First, I suggest you visit several different facilities and ask the following questions of each. Compare the answers.

  • What services are provided? What is included in the base charge? What are the charges for additional services?
  • ​How do you determine level of care needed by my loved one?  What would prompt a change in the level of care?
  • ​How do you handle medications? And how do you keep me informed of any changes?
  • ​What are the criteria for moving someone into memory care? What are some specific examples of how memory care would improve my family member’s quality of life?
  • How often do you train your staff?  What proportion of the staff is trained to work with people with dementia?
  • ​What are reasons you would send someone to the hospital?
  • ​If my loved one is refusing help with bathing, or dressing or is unwilling to participate in activities, how do you manage these situations?
  • ​What are some specific circumstances in which you could no longer care for my loved one?

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