Geriatric Consulting Services

Family Workshops 


Geriatric Consulting Services provides workshops 
and educational sessions for families.  The 

workshops are designed to empower those who

care for elders so they can acquire the skills

needed to provide the best possible care. 

The sessions are interactive and experiential, 

providing participants with the opportunity 

to draw from their own experiences and learn

from others. 

The Mindful Caregiver 
Many caregivers focus so much on trying to meet their care recipient’s needs that they lose sight of what their own needs are. It can then become difficult for them to recognize how stressed out they really are. 

How to Advocate for Your Family Member Who is in the Hospital   
This workshop will inform families about the critical issues they need to be aware of when their family member is in the hospital. They will learn how to be a positive advocate and “partner in care” for their family member.  Additionally, they will learn how to ensure the discharge from the hospital back home is safe and smooth as possible.

How to Best Visit With Your Family Member 
This workshop helps family members find more pleasant and comfortable ways to visit their family member particularly when their loved one has dementia or is difficult and negative. Suggestions about how often one visit their family member, how to deal with the various feelings that crop up such as anger, sadness, frustration, guilt etc. when you are visiting.  Special focus will be on how to have a more meaningful visit with someone who has dementia.

Understanding Resistance
When elders become more dependent and feel less in control, they are more prone to resistance. And truthfully, all people experience resistance at various times in their lives. This workshop will help participants recognize some of the emotional reasons elders maybe resistant to their help. Participants will learn new ways to help residents move past their resistance so they can be more at ease.  Special emphasis will be on how to help caregivers when their care
recipient has dementia.

Necessary Losses: Understanding How Loss Affects Elders and Impacts Families 
This program will help shed light on how elders tend to cope with loss. Discussion will entail discussing generational differences that may come between elders and the younger generations. In addition, time will be spent on helping participants recognize how the many accumulated losses elders’ experience impacts their coping. Some attention will be given to how to handle various issues that impact end of life.

Nursing Home Care:  When Is It Needed? 
No one ever wants to place a loved one in a nursing home, but sometimes there is no choice because of a number of issues, which will be discussed in this workshop. How does one evaluate whether the nursing home is a good one, what should staffing be like, what type of training is offered to staff, what are the costs, who is responsible for paying etc. This workshop will help families understand what questions to ask and how to effectively evaluate the nursing home.

Placing a Loved One in a Memory Care Program
When a loved one develops dementia, families face so many different issues and concerns.  Often by the time they seek out assisted living memory care, they are emotionally and physically drained.  This workshop will address how to help families move through the resistance, denial and conflict they often face when having to place a loved one in a memory program.  Families will also learn how to determine what to look for in a good memory care program.

Hospice Care: When is it Appropriate?

This program will focus attention on understanding what Hospice, is, how it works, and when it is appropriate for a loved one to be placed on Hospice Care. Special focus will be on how to help families when one or more family members is resistant to using hospice. Discussion about the ethical dilemmas that families face at end-of-life will be discussed.