Geriatric Consulting Services

Ethics Workshops and Training

For Administrators, Managers, Nurse Directors, Social Workers, and Chaplains

Rethinking Residents Rights: The Caring Spirit Way to Ethical Care

This workshop will inspire administrators and managers to rethink what it means to provide ethical care in their organizations. Participants will learn specific caring strategies that help support staff they supervise, so that quality care is delivered to the elders. Focus will be on how residents rights can be redefined as the "ethics of caring." A practice model entitled “The Caring Spirit” will be utilized to demonstrate a unique approach to rethinking care.

The Ethics of Leadership: The Nurtured Heart Approach   

Current evidenced based research on leadership suggests that ethical caring has to start at the top. Leadership has to be committed to providing the time, money and management that it takes to create a “culture that cares.”  Participants will have the opportunity to explore questions such as: what type of environment best supports ethical care; what is meant by a “collaborative caring ethic”; what are some of the most positive ways to help staff associates reach their highest potential and how to encourage the best out of those they supervise. This workshop will present a new approach to leadership, “The Nurtured Heart Approach” which provides a different lens for supervising staff.

The Ethics of Self- Care  

Our jobs ARE stressful.  Much research has been devoted to the effects of burnout and compassion fatigue in the human service field and how it can impact job performance.  Not only can stress cause us to become physically and emotionally ill, but it impacts our attitudes and passion for our jobs! The way we take care of ourselves can directly affect the way we serve our clients and interface with our colleagues. This workshop will provide a unique perspective on how to cope with stress so we will better take better care of ourselves. Participants will learn how to recognize warning signs of compassion fatigue, identify when their own spirits are distressed, and learn new and more effective self-care tools. 

The Ethics of End of Life Care: Helping Our Residents to Finish Well   

As our residents live longer, now more than ever, we are
faced with helping our residents and their families cope with end- of- life issues.  End of life care can bring forth a number of ethical care issues that families will need to work through. This workshop will inspire a new way of thinking about end of life care, helping our residents and families to “finish well.” This requires adhering to a set of ethics that embrace compassion, support a more collaborative approach to caring and one that recognizes diversity. Participants will have the opportunity to learn new ways to sensitively talk to residents and families about the ethical issues they can face. Additionally, participants will learn strategies that can help families find more comfort and ease.

Dementia Care with Integrity: What You Really Need to Know to Best Support Residents and their Families Care  

Caring for residents with dementia involves a unique way of thinking about care. It requires re-conceptualizing how we think about dementia and provide care to our residents. It also involves examining the ethics involved in caring for residents with dementia. This workshop offers participants a range of new ideas and approaches to deliver ethical, person-centered care. Participants will become more aware of the ethical dilemmas they can face with residents and their families, understand what is meant by dementia care with integrity, appreciate dementia’s"defining moments and learn new ways to reach out to families.

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