Geriatric Consulting Services

End-of-Life and Spiritual Care 

Workshops and Trainings

For  Administrators, Managers, Nurse Directors, Social Workers and Chaplains

Helping Elders to "Finish Well" 

Helping older people to “finish well” requires tending to the quality of the relationships between the elder, his/her family members and staff. Participants will be able to understand how loss impacts elders and their families. The concept of “spirit-centered care” will be defined and explored in this workshop. In addition, close attention will focus on how to help elders and their families find ease at the end of life.

Understanding Rituals: How They Impact the Lives of Elders 

This workshop addresses why rituals are important in the lives of elders. Rituals provide meaning, link elders to their past, comfort and ground them and help elders feel a sense of community and connection. Staff will have the opportunity to find new ways to help residents maintain some of the rituals that were important to them and to develop new rituals that might offer comfort and security.


Understanding How Loss Affects Elders and their Families

This workshop sheds light on how elders tend to cope with loss. Participants will gain insight on how generational differences impact how elders cope with loss. Special attention will be on exploring areas of anticipatory grieving, accumulated loss and ambiguous loss, and how these special issues effect residents' ability to successfully grieve.

Hospice Care: When Is It Appropriate?

The “h” word is still very frightening to residents, families and even staff.  This program will focus on understanding what Hospice is, how it works, when it is appropriate for a resident to be placed on this type of care. Special attention will be on teaching staff how to best partner with the hospice staff.

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