Geriatric Consulting Services

Dementia Care Workshops and Trainings

​For Nurse Directors, Social Workers, Activities Professionals and Chaplains

Creative Ways to Approach Challenging Behaviors 

When working with elders with dementia, it is inevitable that staff will come head to head with challenging "behavioral expressions." This workshop will help staff define what is meant by "behavioral expressions" and learn new ways to approach elders with dementia to promote more positive behavioral expressions. This approach requires rethinking how we provide care.

Why the Way You Care Matters! ADL Care with Those with

Many elders enter into care because they need help with their activities of daily living or ADLs. ADL care is the most intimate type of care anyone can provide for another person. Dementia can make ADL care even more challenging. This workshop will help staff find ways to provide compassionate care for both staff and the elder.

Creating More Meaningful Activities for Residents with Dementia

There are more residents in our communities with dementia than ever before. Some may be in the beginning stages and other are in the more advanced stages. Creating meaningful activities that support the mind, body and spirit of our residents with dementia is essential to a positive sense of well-being. This workshop explores new ways to create meaningful, person-centered activities that focus on the spirit and heart of our residents with dementia. There will be opportunities for participants to “practice” how to implement what they learn.

Sexuality, Intimacy and Dementia

This workshop addresses the sexual and intimacy issues that can arise when elders have dementia. Staff will learn how to most appropriately handle the various ethical issues which can certainly impact quality of life and safety of our residents. Ethical case examples will be provided to help ensure that staff can be sensitive to these special situations.

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