Geriatric Consulting Services


To help those who care for elders navigate through the sometimes confusing and overwhelming issues that can present during the later stage of life. 

Helping Individuals and Families

Geriatric Consulting Services Inc., (GCS) offers Counseling, Evaluation and Assessment services in the office or at the elder’s home for families coping with elder care issues.  Phone consultation, conference calls and email correspondence are also available for families, particularly those who live out of town. Nancy Kriseman has more than 30 years of experience and her services include:

  • Consultation/Counseling with families or significant others


  • Phone consultation and conference calls for families who live out of town

  • In-home evaluation of the elder

  • Advocacy when families or elders encounter challenges with a facility or hospital

  • Carefully matched elder care referrals to services and professionals

  • Conflict resolution for family members who are struggling with care decisions

What You Can Expect

  • Individualized care plan that addresses the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the elder

  • Guidance and facilitation of a placement in a facility that best matches your family member's needs

  • Counseling to help with resistance when elders are resisting care/support

  • Help and support to determine when to move a parent out of his or her home 

  • Consultation about how best to care for elders who live away from family support

Resources and Referrals 

GCS has a well-established and carefully evaluated network of professionals, facilities and services designed to best meet the elder’s needs. Resources are assessed on an ongoing basis, and a referral fee is never accepted from the referral source.

Workshops for Families

Geriatric Consulting Services works with organizations around the greater Atlanta area to offer educational workshops for families.  Workshop topics include:

  • Self-Care for Caregivers


  • Learning to be a Positive Advocate for your Elder


  • Learning to Set Realistic Expectations as a Caregiver


  • End-of-life Care with Compassion
Nancy Kriseman, LCSW 

Counseling, Consulting

and Workshops for

Families Caring for Elders